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People are Your Most Important Asset, So Empower Them

Introducing viewPoint - Ensuring your process works for you

Automating work alone is not enough. Global 360 has taken BPM to the next level - expanding the focus from "the way work moves" to truly revolutionizing "the way work gets done." Our Persona-based BPM approach uniquely empowers all the people in your process to be more productive - maximizing business performance. Because after all, your process should work for the people, not the other way around.


Understanding Exactly How People Use BPM

Hear Scott Kirkland, Global 360 VP of Product Management, discuss the value of Persona-based BPM with Peter Schooff, from ebizQ’s Business Agility Watch.

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Introducing the Industry's first Persona-based BPM

Our Persona-based BPM is the first BPM approach to focus on the way work gets done and how to do it better. Learn how it can improve the ergonomics of your user experience as well as the interaction and collaboration of all the participants in your process.

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