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Introducing Persona-based BPM -
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Global 360 combines its leading process and case management solutions with the first out-of-the-box user applications that focus on truly changing the way work gets done - improving how each person interacts and collaborates with all the people and documents in a process.

By changing the way work gets done, Global 360 solutions cut deployment time by 50% and achieve 40% more productivity compared to other BPM solutions.


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Visio 2010 + analystView

Process discovery just got easier with Visio 2010 + analystView.
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Understanding Exactly How People Use BPM

Hear Scott Kirkland, Global 360 VP of Product Management, discuss the value of Persona-based BPM with Peter Schooff, from ebizQ’s Business Agility Watch.

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Visio Premium 2010 + analystView.

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