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Global 360 Embraces Microsoft Visio 2010 to Launch the Next Generation of Modeling Tools for Business Analysts

analystView 3.0 Extends Most Widely Used Modeling Tool with Major Features, Including Simulation

MICROSOFT SHAREPOINT CONFERENCE, LAS VEGAS - OCTOBER 21, 2009 - Process and Document Management solutions provider Global 360 today announced analystView 3.0, providing business analysts with process modeling and simulation functionality within Microsoft Visio 2010, the latest release of the most commonly used and accepted modeling tool worldwide. With this announcement, Global 360 is the only leading Microsoft BPMS provider offering both Visio simulation and end-to-end process and document management.

With over 15 million Visio users in 35 languages, and with several key features from Visio 2007 being incorporated into Visio 2010, Visio is becoming even more widely accepted as a process modeling tool. Global 360 is leveraging its persona-based approach to allow Visio users to work in environments that are already comfortable and familiar to them; by incorporating major simulation functionality, analystView 3.0 is making an already widely used and well-known solution even more powerful.

For the business analyst, analystView 3.0 brings modeling and simulation to Visio 2010 and uses Microsoft SharePoint 2010 to enable process improvement collaboration with a broader audience. By leveraging Visio as the process modeler, Global 360 is making Visio 2010 an integral part of the BPM process life cycle. It is bringing BPMN support to business analysts, simplifying the simulation process, and making Visio models and simulation results more accessible to the entire BPM community through native SharePoint-based collaboration. Global 360 can now take millions of desktop-bound Visio process models and make them fully-functioning, automated process and document management applications.

"The Global 360 solution now allows business analysts to iteratively fine-tune process models while improving a business process. By extending the powerful features of Microsoft Visio 2010, the user has the capabilities to perform multiple "what-ifs" to optimize the process for highest return on investment and lowest total cost of ownership," said Chris Crane, Director, Visio, Microsoft.

By taking advantage of Visio 2010's deep process modeling capabilities and Global 360's comprehensive, integrated simulation capabilities, analystView 3.0 users can import any one of the millions of Visio 2010 models into the BPM execution layer and seamlessly convert them into executable processes. Every version of a process map or model can be posted for collaborative discussion.

"Global 360 is proud to continue its support for Microsoft Visio as a business analysts modeling tool, while also extending it to provide process simulation in Visio 2010," noted Global 360 president and CEO David Mitchell. "Whether you're a Visio user who wants more capabilities in modeling and simulation or a user of proprietary modelers who wants to go mainstream with the most widely used process modeling tool, Global 360's support of Visio 2010 enhances our Persona-based BPM strategy, and does so with the common, familiar Microsoft user experience already in use in thousands of companies."

analystView 3.0 will be generally available simultaneously with the release of Microsoft Visio 2010. Once generally available, Microsoft will make the product available on the Microsoft Visio Toolkit product launch site. analystView 3.0 will also be available as a stand-alone plug-in to Visio 2010 as well as part of Global 360's BPMS offering.

About Global 360
With more than 2,000 customers in 70 countries, Global 360, Inc. is a leading provider of Process and Document Management solutions. Global 360 is headquartered in Texas with operations in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and South Africa. For more information, call 1-214-520-1660 or visit the company web site at www.global360.com.

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